Are you looking for baseball glove/mitt appraisal or information?

After answering hundreds and hundreds of such emails for the last eight years, I have decided to stop giving out free advice. If you would like information on your glove or some glove you are interested in, please prepare to give a $15 contribution.If you are not prepared to pay $15 for me to answer your question, please donít email me your question.Here is a list of organizations that you can pick from so please make out your check to them (not me).These organizations are important to either me or my friends/family:

1.     Guiding Eyes For The Blind( )

2.     St. Francis Dining Hall (We feed 350 homeless people meals six days a week in the basement of our church.)

3.     Cure Autism Now ( )

4.     Lance Armstrong Foundation ( )

5.     KBPS Public Radio Foundation ( (local classical radio station)

6.     KMHD Radio ( (local jazz radio station)

7.     KBOO Community Radio ( (local alternative radio station)

8.     Oregon Public Broadcasting ( (local NPR/PBS affiliate)

Please email me here if you are interested.

Thanks for your support,


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